Brilliant new track from Cloud Nothings that has catapulted their upcoming album into my most-anticipated list.

More info on the album via Pitchfork;

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An opus to kick off the New Year!

Enjoyable cover.

2013 was his launch, could he become a household name in 2014? 

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10th Anniversary and still a marvel.

It’s been so long

Since you heard from me

Got a wife and kid

That I never see

And I’m nowhere near

What I dreamed I’d be

I can’t believe

What life has done to me’

- The House That Guilt Built

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eye to eye the culprit

just rid the fucking pulpit
i ain’t giving you another full ride
underneath the combine
said it didn’t bump you right
habitual falling right?’

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Granted I have an unflinching bias towards the 90s, it really was an astounding decade for indie female artists;  Marcy Mays (Scrawl & this; ), Sleater-Kinney, Kim Deal (The Breeders, Pixies, The Amps), Liz Phair, Courtney Cox & Hole all churned out stellar albums that still stand up today and offer welcome respite from unrelenting radio raiders Gaga, Minaj and Rihanna. 

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